Granosite® chosen for NSW North Coast Luxury Apartments..
Sails Resort
Granosite® has been chosen for Sails Luxury Apartments at Forster on the NSW North coast.

For more information on Granosite. Contact the National Customer Service Team on 132 101

Help & FAQ


  1. Is this a product that you would recommend to DIY and home users?
  2. Where can I see a list of all of your products?
    - The Product Matrix lists all of our products by surface and application.
  3. Where can I see a description of each product?
    There are a couple of places to see descriptions. The Product Matrix has some basic information and an image of the applied product. Also, following a link of any product/surface combination will load the PDF file of the product description.
  4. I think I need to talk to someone about Granosite. Who should I talk to?
    If you have a project that will require Granosite, the best place to start is either with your local distributor, or with the area sales representative.
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