Granosite® chosen for NSW Coast North Luxury Apartments..
Sails Resort
Granosite® has been chosen for Sails Luxury Apartments at Forster on the NSW North coast.

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Granosite Granosite

Case Studies - People's Republic of China

The Golden Finance Tower, Shanghai

Year Completed: 1998

Products Used: GranoImpact (2.01) texture finish, GranoRepel (5.01) water repellent

Description: The Golden Finance Tower is located in the prestigious financial district of Shanghai known as the Bund.
The Huang Pu Investment Building, Shanghai

Year Completed: 1998-1999

Products Used: GranoImpact (2.01) Low Profile texture finish

Description: The Huang Pu Investment Building is Granosite's latest project in Shanghai. Application work began in 1998 and is expected to continue into 1999
The Nationalities Palace, Nanning, Guanxi Province

Year Completed: 1998-1999

Products Used: GranoTrowl (2.07) 2mm Travertin Satin texture finish, GranoImpact (2.01) Rolana texture finish
Applicator: Yin Xing Industrial Development Company

Description: The Nationalities Palace is the largest development project in Nanning, capital of Guanxi Province and the first project to be finished in a Granosite system in this province of the People's Republic of China. The exterior photo below, taken in January 1999 as well as the artist's impression, gives a good indication of the scale of this project. The great vision in design is well complemented by the beauty and protection provided by Granosite coating systems. The sumptuous furnishing and strong design elements of the entrance foyer of the Nationalities Palace enhance the high quality of this project and justifies the choice of Granosite systems for both interior and exterior finishes.
Palm Villa Estate, Pudong, Shanghai

Year Completed: 1998

Products Used: GranoImpact (2.01) Rolana finish

Description: This high quality residential development by Shanghai Golden United Construction and Development Co Ltd is finished in long-lasting GranoImpact (2.01) Rolana finish. The project was completed in 1998.
The Han Gao Market Building, Zhuhai

Year Completed: 1998-1999

Products Used: GranoElegance spray granite finish (3.01)

Description: This prestige commercial development involved the application of more than 5000 m2 of GranoElegance spray granite finish (3.01) to selected exterior surfaces during 1998-99. A major advantage of GranoElegance over solid granite cladding is the ease, speed and economy of spray application to complicated exterior surfaces. GranoElegance Calca Granite and GranoElegance Calca Harmony were the complementary colourways selected from the wide range of GranoElegance Natural, Harmony and Contrast options.
Bank Building, Jiaxing City, PRC

Year Completed: 1999

Products Used: Pascol Sunscreen Low Sheen
Applicator: Krispp Decorating

Description: This building is just one of several projects involving the use of Pascol Paints in the Peoples Republic of China in 1999. More than 4000 m2 of Pascol Sunscreen Low Sheen was applied by Krispp Decorating to this project, involving a four storey podium, twin eight-storey towers and two roof-top pavilions.
SPC Service Station, Shanghai

Year Completed: 1998

Products Used: Pascol Sunscreen Low Sheen

Description: The Shanghai Petroleum Company selected Pascol Sunscreen Low Sheen (Colour:Ice Cascade) as part of a major refurbishment program for their chain of Service Stations. This service station in Shanghai was upgraded in 1998 and is the first example to be finished under this program. The product was distributed by East West Link.
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